WS200SPS DAYLIGHT Sunpower solar panel

Wattstunde WS200SPS DAYLIGHT Sunpower solar panel

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The solar modules of the WATTSTUNDE® WS SPS series are high-quality modules with monocrystalline SunPower cells that always promise excellent results. They are characterized by excellent quality and performance efficiency. By using only high-quality components and innovative SunPower solar cells with back contact, an above-average cell efficiency of over 22% is achieved. Nothing stands in the way of your next adventure (even in wind and weather)!

All features at a glance:

  • 200 watt HV solar panel
  • Cell efficiency over 22%
  • Back-Contact SunPower® Cells
  • Saltwater resistant aluminum profile frame
  • ESG anti-reflective glass
  • Bypass diodes integrated in junction box
  • Weatherproof junction box (IP65)
  • Pre-wired with 90cm and MC4 connectors (+ / -)
  • Easy connection of several modules thanks to MC4 connector
  • Performance guarantee 25 years
  • Product guarantee 5 years
  • The abbreviation HV stands for "high voltage"= high voltage

The 64-cell battery (instead of the usual 32 cells) guarantees yield even in unfavorable light conditions, so that the MPPT charge controller can use its "Maximum Power Point" technology to work optimally here. In unfavorable, diffuse lighting conditions, conventional solar modules only supply a low voltage that is no longer sufficient to charge the battery.

By increasing the number of cells and the associated increase in voltage, it ensures that the voltage is sufficient to catch the last rays of the sun even when there is little light.

Another advantage: with the same performance, an increase in voltage reduces the current load on the cable. The high operating voltage reduces cable losses and smaller cable cross-sections can be used.

Mobile and flexible

The housing frame of all WATTSTUNDE® DAYLIGHT models is made of anodized aluminum - this light yet strong material guarantees a high degree of mobility and durability.
It is extremely weather-resistant and very stable, which makes it an ideal material. With dimensions of 1075 x 535 x 35 mm and a weight of only 6.3 kg, they are smaller and lighter than conventional 120 watt modules.

Special ESG anti-reflective glass

The high-performance modules have acid-etched anti-reflective glass with a self-cleaning effect (lotus effect). Thanks to a special pre-treatment, the solar modules have a high permeability, which is reflected in the increased power generation. Whether storm, hail, snow or salt water - thanks to their stable structure and waterproof surface, they can withstand even extreme weather conditions!

Sturdy wind and weatherproof construction

Due to our individual requirements for the quality of solar modules, we monitor every production step: from cell production through module assembly to the finished product. This gives the module the necessary stability for outdoor use.
Therefore, they are ideal for mobile use in mobile homes, summer houses and all other 12V solar systems. Easy installation, quick start and ready-made materials make assembly a breeze!

Optimal energy yield

The WATTSTUNDE SPS DAYLIGHT solar modules are equipped with Sunpower cells with rear contact. But what does that mean exactly?
With normal modules, you can clearly see that silver contacts (cell connectors) usually run on the surface of the battery. These contacts are not present in the rear contact module, which prevents the battery from being shaded.Thanks to the anti-reflective glass, these modules let more light through and thus ensure higher transmission compared to other modules. The result is a significant increase in cell efficiency of over 22%, which ensures higher energy yields and leads to volume and weight savings!Optimal performance in the smallest area - high-performance modules ensure a continuous power supply, especially in poor and diffuse lighting conditions.

Protection class IP65

The modules are supplied with 90 cm cable connections and MC4 connectors to simplify the connection of multiple modules.

They can be installed and used in any self-sufficient battery applications in mobile homes, garden sheds, camping, island systems and all grid-independent systems.

Thanks to the bypass diodes integrated in the junction box, the module can continue to generate electricity even in the shade or in poor light. The junction boxes are protected against the ingress of water and dust in accordance with protection standard IP65.

More information

In addition to the 12V battery, you also need a charge controller to prevent the power supply from overcharging or over-discharging the battery. In addition, this ensures an optimal charging voltage and guarantees the necessary reverse current protection at night.