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      Portable solar panel (foldable solar panel)

      Portable. Independently. Eco-friendly.

      No matter which power station you choose, portable solar panels provide free, independent and clean energy for home and travel.

      Foldable solar panels maximize the form factor, making the solar panels more space-saving compared to traditional solar panels. The solar panels have an output of 110W up to 400W and provide a completely free power supply that operates completely independently of the local power grid and covers the necessary power requirements even during long power outages.

      Foldable solar panels for the caravan

      Anyone who often travels in a mobile home will know the problem: the electricity is running out again. In concrete terms, this means that all electrical devices in the caravan may only be used with caution. In the worst case, even the car battery can leak if you use too much electricity in the caravan.

      In concrete terms, this means that caravan owners must regularly go to the campsite or other location to charge the battery. This is more than just annoying: Because especially for people who like to spend their holidays in a caravan away from the tourist magnets, the dependency on electricity is a problem that should not be underestimated. This is where foldable solar panels come into play.

      Foldable solar panels have the smallest possible form factor to easily store the solar panels in the RV. As soon as electricity is required, the solar panels can be connected to a power station in just a few minutes. Depending on the power station, several portable solar panels can be connected at the same time.

      Solar panel for more flexibility in everyday life

      Portable solar panels / foldable solar panels provide more flexibility in everyday life.

      Regardless of whether you choose a solar generator from e.g. EcoFlow, all solar panels offer sufficient water protection (from splash protection to IP67) to withstand all weather conditions in every season.

      This ensures that the portable solar generators always receive sufficient power. This means that all devices, from smartphones and laptops to coffee machines, can be operated by the power generators with solar panels, completely independently of the caravan and car battery or the local power grid.

      At home, the solar panels provide enough energy to be self-sufficient and independent of the local power grid with clean and free electricity.

      In concrete terms, this means that consumers with the right equipment are well supplied even in the event of a long-lasting power failure - for more independence in everyday life and free, clean electricity around the clock.