WS200SF-HV SunFolder+
WS200SF-HV SunFolder+
WS200SF-HV SunFolder+
WS200SF-HV SunFolder+
WS200SF-HV SunFolder+
WS200SF-HV SunFolder+
WS200SF-HV SunFolder+

Wattstunde WS200SF-HV SunFolder+

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  • High Voltage Edition
  • With bypass diode
  • Foldable and lightweight, ideal for easy portability
  • Can be aligned freely according to the sun
  • Back-Contact SunPower solar cells
  • Durable and rainproof thanks to Condura fabric
  • Easy clipping on and off using Anderson clamp SUNFOLDER+ •
  • Cell efficiency over 24%
  • 5m connection cable

The abbreviation HV stands for "high voltage".

72 cells instead of the usual 36 cells promise yields even under unfavorable light conditions, so that MPPT charge controllers can work optimally here with their maximum power point technology. In unfavorable diffuse light conditions, conventional solar modules only deliver a low voltage that is no longer sufficient to charge the battery. By increasing the number of cells and the associated increase in voltage, it is ensured that the voltage is sufficient to catch the last rays of the sun even in times of the year when there is little light.

Another advantage: With the same performance, an increase in voltage results in a reduction in the current load on the cables. Due to the high operating voltage, cable losses are reduced and smaller cable cross-sections can be used.

Light, innovative and flexible

Thanks to its innovative design, the WATTSTUNDE® SunFolder solar bag is extremely light and absolutely space-saving and thus offers a high degree of flexibility and user-friendliness. The solar bag can be adjusted freely at any time. Whether behind the windshield when parking or outdoors, you can place the solar bag anywhere the sun shines. You can also guarantee a high energy yield with SunPower rear-contact solar cells.

SunFolder+ novelty: bypass diodes

The main novelty: built-in bypass diodes. As a result, the yield is even better, since partial shading no longer inhibits the performance of the SunFolder as much. So the SunFolder+ solar panel does not have to be moved immediately if the shadow of a branch covers part of the solar cells.

Robust and flexible

The robust Cordura fabric makes the SunFolder the perfect companion for outdoor use - however, as with any technical device, care should be taken to ensure that no moisture or water penetrates sensitive areas. We recommend not leaving the SunFolder outside overnight. (It's an electronic device that uses solar energy—that is, it doesn't tolerate mist or rain.)

Plug & Play thanks to the practical plug-in system

The solar pack SunFolder from WATTSTUNDE® has a 5m long connection cable with an Anderson connector system at the end. Thanks to the practical plug-in system, the connector plug can be firmly connected to the charge controller. If necessary, the solar bag can be removed, hung up or placed in the sun. You simply plug the two Anderson mating plugs together and the SunFolder is already connected to the charge controller. It couldn't be faster or more practical!

Self-sufficiency with solar cells from SunPower

The SunFolder solar bags from the WATTSTUNDE® series contain high-quality modules with SunPower solar cells, which deliver the best results and ensure a high energy yield. Solar bags are suitable for all self-sufficient battery applications such as RVs, campers and tents, boats and sailboats, RVs, vans (including off-road vehicles such as the Land Rover Defender) and all off-road vehicles. Grid System.

To connect Watthour SunFolder solar panels to the EcoFlow River and Delta Powerstations, this connection cable is required: A50 - XT60 Adapter