WS110BL BLACK LINE high performance solar panel
WS110BL BLACK LINE high performance solar panel
WS110BL BLACK LINE high performance solar panel
WS110BL BLACK LINE high performance solar panel
WS110BL BLACK LINE high performance solar panel
WS110BL BLACK LINE high performance solar panel

Wattstunde WS110BL BLACK LINE high performance solar panel

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Whether in the mobile home, garden or on the boat - WATTSTUNDE® solar modules stand for the highest quality and the latest technology. Use your own self-sufficient solar power today with the tested WATTSTUNDE® solar modules! Traditional solar panels use copper connectors to connect individual photovoltaic cells together. These thin cell connectors are not used in the unique tile cell solar modules: Narrow cell strips are used here, not individual cells.

All functions at a glance:

  • 110 watt solar panel with new solar cell structure
  • 10% higher area efficiency compared to monocrystalline standard solar cells
  • Innovative tile battery with PERC technology
  • Compact design enables high performance in a small space
  • no hot spot formation
  • ESG anti-reflective glass
  • Integrated bypass diodes
  • IP65 junction box
  • Pre-wired 90cm and MC4 connectors (+/-)
  • Easily connect multiple modules with MC4 connectors
  • Performance guarantee 25 years
  • Product guarantee 5 years
  • New shingle cells - cell connectors no longer required. The mechanical connection to the cell connectors is a (thermal) mechanical weak point of conventional solar modules and not suitable for BlackLine solar modules.

The units are nested inside each other - similar to roof tiles: the ends of one unit are simply connected to the beginning of the next unit using a special polymer-based adhesive that is electrically conductive due to metal particles. A unique parallel structure is created that allows the energy to flow unhindered.
This special construction reduces the internal resistance of the solar module - this reduces internal losses and increases the module output. Since there are no gaps between the individual units, space savings of up to 10% can be achieved.

No hotspots thanks to new solar cell technology

Many modules on the market often suffer from localized heating problems. So-called hotspots are watt-like battery technology of the past! Parallel battery rail connections not only prevent hotspots, but also solve shadowing problems. All of these effects result in longer module life and extremely high reliability.

Thanks to the bypass diodes integrated in the junction box, the module can continue to generate electricity even in the shade or in poor light.

Easy installation, quick start and ready-made materials make assembly a breeze! These modules are packed in a stable high-cavity frame and guarantee maximum stability, especially under extreme conditions. Thanks to the anti-reflective glass, these modules let more light through and thus ensure higher transmission compared to other modules. BLACKLINE monocrystalline solar modules have an efficiency of 20%. These modules come with cable connectors and MC4 connectors to simplify the connection of multiple modules.

Enjoy your freedom with the premium product selection from WATTSTUNDE!

More information

In addition to the 12V battery, you also need a charge controller to prevent the power supply from overcharging or over-discharging the battery. In addition, this ensures an optimal charging voltage and guarantees the necessary reverse current protection at night.

You can find our range of charge controllers here.