Smart Battery Sense
Smart Battery Sense
Smart Battery Sense
Smart Battery Sense

Victron Energy Smart Battery Sense

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Battery charging improvements: Wireless temperature monitoring
The "Smart Battery Sense" system is a wireless battery voltage and temperature sensor for Victron MPPT solar chargers.
With voltage and temperature sensors, the battery is charged more efficiently , improve charging efficiency and extend battery life.

By directly measuring the voltage at the battery pack connection, errors caused by voltage losses due to cable resistance are avoided. This will ensure the correct charging voltage.

For lead-acid batteries, the battery temperature data is used to adjust the charging voltage: cold batteries require a higher charging voltage, while hot batteries require a lower charging voltage.

Lithium batteries use temperature data to stop charging when the battery is too cold: charging a lithium battery at or below freezing can permanently damage the battery.

No wiring required

The connection between Smart Battery Sense and one or more solar chargers is wireless. It uses the VE.Smart network - a wireless technology based on the "Bluetooth Smart" function

The transmitted data can be used simultaneously by one, two or more solar chargers connected to the same 12V, 24V or 48V battery. Set up a smart network with the VictronConnect app.

Neat, simple - intelligent

Installation is simple, fast and clean. Simply connect the device's two spade terminals to the battery posts, then use the self-adhesive tape to attach the Smart Battery Sense device directly to the battery.

The following functions characterize this intelligent device:

  • Wireless temperature and voltage sensor
  • Optimized charging of the battery
  • No wiring required
  • Ideal for Victron SmartSolar MPPT charge controllers