solar tracker
solar tracker

EcoFlow solar tracker

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The first consumer solar tracker

Place the solar module on the solar tracker in such a way that it can be rotated and swiveled around two axes in order to always maintain the ideal angle to the sun. This is the perfect setup for the portable solar charger for your power station.

Automatically tracks the position of the sun

For people who want (or need) to make solar energy a regular part of their lives, having to turn on their solar panels three times a day isn't exactly ideal. Leave the solar tracker outside overnight and as soon as the first light appears, it will automatically start tracking the position of the sun.

Use the last photon too

With a solar tracker, you can harvest 30% more power from the sun's energy than with the flat panel setting. More sunlight hitting your panels throughout the day means more green, off-grid performance.

Strong, stable and resilient

The solar tracker has four outward-facing legs that snap into place to keep your lineup secure. The bracket at the top can be extended to adapt the tracker to your solar panel.

The right solar module for you

Solar trackers are available for almost every solar panel. It doesn't matter if you have a foldable or rigid module from EcoFlow or from a third party. You can use them as long as they are attached with MC4 and are not too big or heavy.

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1. Solar tracker (unassembled) 2. User Manual