Smart home panels
Smart home panels
Smart home panels
Smart home panels
Smart home panels

EcoFlow Smart home panels

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​​An intelligent battery and emergency power system for the home

Iyour portable power station DELTA Pro can be connected directly to the power lines of your house thanks to this intelligent smart home panel to further expand your DELTA Pro ecosystem .

Emergency power supply for the most important devices

If there is a power failure, the smart home panel immediately switches to the DELTA Pro. Depending on the equipment, your house can be supplied with 7200 W of power and 25 kWh of energy - ideal for vital devices such as CPAP machines.

Control by the EcoFlow app

Monitor, control and manage energy via the EcoFlow app. The app provides real-time metrics and allows you to avoid peaks.

Avoidance of expensive electricity prices

If you have a consumption-based tariff, you can use the smart home panel and the connected DELTA Pros to store energy when tariffs are low and use it when the Tariffs are high.

sustainability and independence

With MC4-compatible solar panels, you can benefit from green and free solar energy. The smart home panel connects renewable solar energy to your sockets, lights and other devices. This gives you more independence and you are also well prepared in the event of a power failure.

Ready for power outages

In the event of a power failure, DELTA Pro automatically supplies your house with electricity. The change only takes 20 ms, so you can continue to use your devices without restrictions.

Power for days

With the module you can connect up to two DELTA Pros via fast charging as well as additional batteries and intelligent generators. This allows you to achieve an output power of 7200 W and a capacity of 25 kWh, so that you can live self-sufficiently and completely independently of the power grid for days. This period can be extended with solar modules.

Manage your energy consumption

All integrated home circuits can be managed from anywhere using the EcoFlow app. You can use your smartphone to adjust your power consumption to save money. With the help of the app it is also possible to optimize the backup power supply and set other user-defined options. You can even use your smartphone to determine which power source you want
to use.

Save money on your electricity bills

With your DELTA Pros you can supply your house with electricity as soon as electricity prices rise. This saves you money and relieves the power grid at the same time. Your DELTA Pro can be charged outside of peak times. Alternatively, solar panels can also be used for charging.

A unified ecosystem

The new EcoFlow Smart Home Panel is the heart of the DELTA Pro ecosystem. It can integrate up to two DELTA Pro units with 10 circuits at home. Each DELTA Pro device can be connected to extra batteries, solar panels or smart generators. This guarantees you an uninterruptible power supply in the event of blackouts, smart energy management for your critical loads and lower electricity costs.

Scope of delivery

  1. Smart Home Panel
  2. 13 x relay modules (8 x 13A + 5 x 16A)
  3. Infinity cable*
  4. Wall mounts
  5. cable connector
  6. User's Guide

*(Note: One Infinity Cable is only suitable for one Delta Pro. If you have two Delta Pros, please purchase a separate Infinity Cable).

Important information:

Installation and commissioning: Please note that the Iinstallation and commissioning of the Smart Home Panel may only be carried out by a certified electrician.