Smart Generator (EU)
Smart Generator (EU)
Smart Generator (EU)
Smart Generator (EU)
Smart Generator (EU)
Smart Generator (EU)

EcoFlow Smart Generator (EU)

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Compatible with DELTA Pro/Max

Connect to DELTA Pro or Max to effectively prevent power outages.

Efficiency first

In contrast to conventional petrol generators, the EcoFlow Smart Generator can be charged directly with direct current - saving fuel and charging time.

Power supply during charging

The smart generator has an AC output to power your electronic devices while the generator is charging.

Intelligent power supply

Automatic startup and shutdown at set charge level. Control and monitoring from anywhere via the app - your power supply is finally getting smart.

Built for every emergency

Compared to a conventional gasoline generator, the DELTA Pro or DELTA Max EcoFlow Smart Generator offers better energy efficiency as well as lower energy loss. This is achieved by directly charging your portable generator via a simple and efficient DC charging process.

Charge and power devices simultaneously

Emergencies don't always go according to plan. In addition to providing you with backup power, the EcoFlow Smart Generator has an AC output to power other devices while you charge the generator with an extra battery.

Four easy ways to get started

Have power at all times with four easy ways to start the EcoFlow Smart Generator. If you are close to the device, you can turn it on using the electric or manual start. In emergencies, when you cannot go outside, the Smart Generator can be switched on with the EcoFlow app. For added safety and efficiency, the Smart Generator turns on and off automatically when the device reaches a set charge level.

Control and monitoring with the EcoFlow app

The EcoFlow app gives you complete control of the EcoFlow Smart Generator at the push of a button. You can control, monitor and access the settings of the smart generator, e.g. B. to set when the generator starts automatically during an emergency.

Intelligent emergency power supply

The EcoFlow Smart Generator simplifies emergency power supply with an LC display, a CO alarm, a fuel alarm and an automatic switch-off function - everything you need for a safe power supply during power outages or emergencies.


  1. Smart Generator
  2. Extra battery connection cable
  3. Oil funnel
  4. screwdriver
  5. Spark plug socket
  6. Articulated handle
  7. Double end key
  8. User manual and warranty card