priWall Duo
priWall Duo
priWall Duo
priWall Duo
priWall Duo
priWall Duo
priWall Duo
priWall Duo

Priwatt priWall Duo

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The priWall Duo Set includes the following components:

Solar panels

You can expect solar modules in the noble “Black Frame” design, which, thanks to their monocrystalline cell structure, achieve the highest yields even when it is cloudy and in partial shade. You can mount them up to a maximum height of 4 m if, for example, public traffic takes place below your modules.


The inverter you have selected converts the solar energy into alternating current for your household.

connection cable

You are free to choose the right connection cable for the house connection and the cable length. We also include UV-resistant cable ties.


You will receive a weatherproof mounting system that you can adjust to the desired angle and attach to the house facade.

The solar panel

Trina Solar 400 Wp – TSM-400 EN09.05

A leading manufacturer and in the top 3 of the 2022 Bloomberg NEF Tier-1 list.

  • monocrystalline cell structure with 400 W maximum output and excellent low-light performance
  • very high efficiency of 20.5%
  • Half-cell technology - particularly efficient in strong sunlight and partial shading
  • higher temperature coefficient, freewheeling diodes and improved reflection within the module increase yields and minimize losses
  • unbreakable solar module specially designed for European winters (snow loads up to 540 kg/m²)
  • simple plug & play connection in compliance with protection against accidental contact
  • 25 year performance and 15 year product guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Dimensions: 1754 × 1096 × 30 mm, weight: 21 kg
    The matching mount



    The bracket maximizes your electricity yield and is designed for the long-term operation of your solar modules.

    • two module rails per solar module incl. fastening material
    • easy and quick assembly
    • weather resistant aluminum alloy
    • maximum yields thanks to the infinitely adjustable angle of inclination between 45° and 72°

    Scope of delivery

    1. 2x solar panels (each 176.5 x 104.8 cm)
    2. Inverter 600W + end cap
    3. 4 module mounts
    4. 6 cable ties
    5. 2 extension cables each 1.0m
    6. optional: connection cable (Wieland, Schuko)