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Ecoflow River Mini Wireless (EU) Seitenansicht
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Ecoflow River Mini Wireless (EU) Seitenansicht
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EcoFlow River Mini Wireless (US)

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Information on the CH standards

All power stations are delivered in accordance with Swiss standards, which is why only one AC socket is available. There may therefore be slight deviations from the pictures.

Want to have power outlets with you wherever you go? No problem

The EcoFlow RIVER Wireless mini provides you with power on the go. With a portable capacity of 210Wh in your backpack, you can charge or power your devices anywhere.

The RIVER mini Wireless features a couple of AC outlets, USB ports and more. The mini version of RIVER gives you more connections than a power bank and is just as easy to take with you everywhere.

Fast charging

Charge your smartphone and other portable devices up to 80% in just 1 hour thanks to EcoFlow's X-Stream charging technology.

Power multiple devices simultaneously

With the RIVER mini you can power up to 5 to 7 devices at the same time. The ideal power generator for the outdoor area.

Light and compact

The RIVER mini Wireless was specially developed to be easy to take with you and is therefore extra light. You can carry the device in your hand or carry it in a pocket or backpack so that you always have power.

*USB-C fast charging port and wireless charging pad are only available on the RIVER Mini wireless model.

You can now take your sockets with you everywhere

Power your large devices with the RIVER mini Wireless's AC ports. With an output of 300W (600W surge), the RIVER mini is ideal for seamlessly powering up to 99% of your devices such as laptops, lamps or TVs.

Charging can often be tedious, so we made it faster

The RIVER mini Wireless charges most battery-powered devices to 80% in a flat rate of about 1 hour. It is therefore much faster than your power bank, and a battery with around 6 times the capacity can do all of this. There is no socket nearby? No problem! You can charge your RIVER mini with solar energy or via your car when you are on the go.

All important connections together

The RIVER mini Wireless is equipped with all relevant connections and sockets that you need. 1 AC wall outlet, 1 DC car outlet, 3 USB-A ports and one USB-C fast charge port*.Prefer wireless charging? This is also possible thanks to the wireless charging pad on the top of the device. All of these approaches allow you to power a number of devices simultaneously.

* USB-C quick charge connector and wireless charging pad are only included in the wireless version of the RIVER mini wireless

It fits perfectly in the hand

The RIVER mini Wireless is a powerful power generator that fits comfortably in your hand. Or pack it in your backpack and let the journey begin.

Safety always comes first

Thanks to its robust, one-piece construction, the RIVER mini Wireless is not only designed for a long service life. It also has an advanced BMS that offers protection against over-voltage, electric shock and over-temperature.

Different options for charging

AC outlet

Fully charge the River mini Wireless from a wall outlet in just 1.5 hours

Solar energy

Charge the River Mini Wireless on a 100W solar panel in about 3 - 6 hours.


Fully charge the River Mini Wireless from your car outlet in 3.5 hours.


  • RIVER Mini Wireless
  • AC charging cable
  • User's Guide
  • Quick guide for the app
  • Warranty Card