Delta Pro Smart battery pack
Delta Pro Smart battery pack
Delta Pro Smart battery pack
Delta Pro Smart battery pack
Delta Pro Smart battery pack

EcoFlow Delta Pro Smart battery pack

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Expandable Capacity

This additional battery can be connected to a DELTA Pro to double the total capacity to a whopping 7200Wh. Connect two of them to the DELTA Pro to get 10.8kWh for off-grid operation.

Convenient charging

Charging via solar panels, AC outlets, EV charging stations or our smart generator is easy. Simply connect the additional battery to DELTA Pro and the two batteries charge and discharge in tandem.

More watt hours at home

The additional battery can be integrated into the house installation if it is connected to DELTA Pro. This makes the two battery packs part of your home's peak shaving and backup power solutions.

Emergency Ready

This additional battery  can be charged outdoors directly via the Smart Generator from EcoFlow, which offers you further security for power emergencies of any kind.

LCD screen

On the integrated LCD display you get all the information about the battery percentage, the remaining charging time, the remaining hours and much more. You can also check the battery status via the EcoFlow app.

*Note: This product is designed exclusively for the EcoFlow DELTA Pro portable power generator.

All good things come in threes

Double or triple the capacity of your DELTA Pro to 7.2kWh or 10.8kWh. This gives you power for days for your most important devices.

Charge anytime, anywhere

DELTA Pro's smart additional battery benefits from all charging methods that DELTA Pro offers, including MultiCharge for up to 6500W. This means you can charge anytime, anywhere as long as your spare battery is connected to DELTA Pro. Once connected, both devices charge/discharge simultaneously, so the percent charge of both devices stays the same.

Ready for any emergency

When push comes to shove and you're running out of charging options, you can use the EcoFlow Smart Generator (sold separately) for a 1800W DC fast charge. To do this, simply connect the generator directly to your additional battery via the connection on the back. It works even if it is not connected to your DELTA Pro.

Stay informed

The smart battery pack features a bright LCD display on the front of the device that gives you all the information you need in a clear and concise way. Whether output or input power, remaining charge or remaining time - you have all the information at a glance. Are you on the go and want to stay informed? The EcoFlow app provides you with all this information and much more.

Contents of the pack

  1. DELTA Pro Smart additional battery
  2. DELTA Pro Extra Battery Cable
  3. handle cover
  4. Instruction Manual