160W foldable solar panel
160W foldable solar panel
160W foldable solar panel
160W foldable solar panel
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160W foldable solar panel

EcoFlow 160W foldable solar panel

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Portable & Foldable

The EcoFlow 160W solar panel is easy to transport and store, making it the perfect companion for camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures. The module can be folded to a compact size for transport and can be easily unfolded and set up.

Advanced Solar Cells

The 32 premium monocrystalline silicon cells offer a high conversion efficiency of 22% and guarantee efficient power supply during daylight hours. The maximum total output of the solar module depends on the environmental and operating conditions. It is best to use the module in direct sunlight for the best possible performance.

Smart solar energy

The EcoFlow 160W solar panel can be connected to an EcoFlow solar power generator to take advantage of the advanced MPPT solar panel that detects current and voltage in real time. This ensures the best solar power performance even when the environmental conditions change.

Adjustable Stand

With the adjustable stand, you can point the solar panel in any direction and orientation. This design feature allows you to connect and position multiple panels together without overlapping them, allowing for more efficient solar panel charging.

Compatible theme

The universal MC4 connector is compatible with other products on the market and allows you to connect multiple EcoFlow 160W solar panels to the EcoFlow DELTA for more efficient solar power generation.

Durable, dust and water resistant

Whether you are camping, hiking or on a road trip, the EcoFlow 160W solar panel has your back. Our solar module is dust and waterproof according to IP67 and was specially developed for use in the great outdoors. A 0.2mm thick ETFE film protects the surface from ultraviolet light and extends the life of the product.

Portable and self-supporting

Carry this 7kg panel in a bag that doubles as a stand and gives you the best angle for solar charging.

So much more sun

Premium monocrystalline silicon cells offer high conversion efficiency of 21-22%. Load even faster by chaining multiple modules in a row or in parallel.

Designed to withstand the storm

Our 160W portable solar panel can keep collecting energy even in heavy rain. Thanks to a protective ETFE film and a high IP68 degree of protection, the solar cells can withstand damp and wet as well as dry and dusty environments.


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