Eignen sich Power Stations zur Notstromversorgung?

Are power stations suitable for emergency power supply?

To the power stations

Across the board power shortage in Switzerland? What sounds like a nightmare scenario at first glance could sooner or later become reality. A portable power supply and mobile solar panels from EcoFlow and Bluetti can help.

A power outage is always an acute crisis scenario: From a lack of light to cold showers to an internet failure, those affected have to do without all the comforts of everyday life from now on. For patients who rely on medical equipment at home, a power outage can even be life-threatening. A portable power supply and mobile solar panels from EcoFlow and Bluetti can help.

Emergency power safety: how acute is the risk of a blackout in Switzerland?

Even if the Swiss electricity network is one of the safest in Europe, widespread blackouts cannot be completely ruled out. Examples from neighboring countries make this clear. For example, during the snow chaos in Münsterland in 2005, people had to get by without electricity for days. It was even worse for people in NRW and Rhineland-Palatinate during the flood disaster: Here people had to do without electricity for weeks.

Even though most of the power outages to date have been regional, this still has an impact on the entire infrastructure. In the worst cases, the drinking water supply and the entire communication and transport system collapse. This can have a direct impact on the food supply. Accordingly, it is advisable to take the right safety precautions: not only in your own home, but also when traveling to other countries with a less resilient power supply.

The Federal Electricity Commission (Elcom) has been warning of power shortages in Switzerland for a long time. The reasons are manifold: Sustainable energy does not yet deliver the desired results. In addition, there is growing energy consumption and a shaky electricity agreement with the EU.

Whether locally limited or a large area-wide power shortage, a blackout always represents an exceptional situation against which you have to arm yourself. This is where portable power comes into play. The emergency power supply of Bluetti and EcoFlow provides energy for the whole house - for hours, days and even weeks.

Prevent power failure: limit private and economic consequences

A power failure has far-reaching consequences. We have become so used to an uninterrupted power supply that we can no longer imagine long-term blackouts. The consequences are devastating.

First of all, a power failure brings with it a whole range of inconveniences and can even become a source of danger. After getting up, you have to grope your way through the dark apartment, which poses an increased risk of injury for children and the elderly. Candles are lit to bring at least some light into the house. The shower is freezing and neither the coffee maker nor the toaster work. Mobile phones and laptops are also coming to an end.

While this scenario can still be written off as an inconvenience, the economic damage that can be caused by small businesses, freelancers and employees is serious.

In times of the pandemic, we are spending more time than ever at home. According to a survey, almost 41% of Swiss employees have been working from home at least half of the time since Corona, and the trend is still rising.In the event of a prolonged power outage in the office, deadlines can no longer be met and e-mails go unanswered

EcoFlow & Bluetti: Emergency power (office and at home)

Despite technical progress, it is still not possible to sufficiently limit or predict power outages in 2021 / 2022. From storms, human error, to the complications mentioned earlier, power outages still pose serious security risks. The Bluetti and EcoFlow portable power supply can help.

The companies offer emergency generators powered by sustainable lithium-ion batteries. A emergency generator (emergency generator or emergency generator) is a home power station that provides electrical energy in the event of a power failure. With the EcoFlow and Bluetti solutions, consumers can make provisions for a power failure themselves by installing a compact, portable solar power plant in the office, at home or even in the caravan - for more independence in all situations in life.

No matter which model you choose, the practical emergency generators have all the usual outlets to supply the entire household. Whether USB-A or Type-C, socket outlet or cigarette lighter socket, there is hardly anything that cannot be connected to the portable power supply. Furthermore, the models can be charged within a very short time. Best of all: As a battery-operated home power solution, the devices can also be used safely in the house.

The topic of emergency power safety is not just about smartphones or laptops. A backup generator can save lives during a blackout. For example, the Ecoflow Delta Max (2000) can keep a CPAP ventilator running for over 40 hours, depending on the model. The term “emergency power safety” can therefore be taken literally.

The portable power plants from EcoFlow range from the compact EcoFlow RIVER mini to the powerhouse DELTA Pro to achieve capacities of up to 3.6 kWh. Depending on the model, capacities of up to 25 kWh can be achieved with expansion modules (Delta Pro). Thus, mobile phones, laptops, PCs, light sources and even devices with high power consumption such as coffee machines or even washing machines can be operated. Even with the smaller models from EcoFlow and Bluetti (portable power station and mobile solar modules), the average power failure can be survived.

But what happens if there is a longer power outage lasting a few days? The Swiss Federal Office for National Economic Supply (BWL) recommends an emergency ration of one week. The Austrian civil protection association goes even further and recommends creating an emergency ration of up to 14 days. The German Federal Office for Disaster Assistance and Civil Protection and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture have made similar statements.

The EcoFlow and Bluetti solutions complete the emergency power supply, which, depending on the model and power consumption, exceeds 2 weeks.

Solar charger: mobile solar panels for sustainable energy

In order to ensure a long-term power supply, operators such as EcoFlow and Bluetti offer portable solar generators to ensure power supply over the long term. For example, EcoFlow offers foldable 110W and 160W solar panels that stow away in the included carry bag and provide users with power in the event of a power outage.

Mobile solar panels are the easiest way to become self-sufficient and independent of the electricity network. Depending on the device, mobile solar panels are connected to the portable power station directly or via conversion cables. Depending on the model, the efficient solar panels can achieve a degree of conversion of up to 22%. Smart solar generators from EcoFlow detect current and voltage in real time, so that solar energy can be used in an energy-saving manner.

But this is by no means all that needs to be considered in terms of emergency power safety: because not every region in Switzerland is spoiled with the same amount of sunshine. For example, there are some fog holes in Switzerland in which the solar radiation of several months can be broken down into hours. A power failure in winter would be a real challenge, even with solar panels. In addition to solar panels, there are other alternatives to secure the power supply with EcoFlow and Bluetti in the long term.

External battery packs: power for the whole house

Should a Power Station power failure occur and the solar charger is not supplied with sufficient sunlight, additional energy sources are required. External battery packs ensure that the emergency power works independently of sunlight, which can become necessary, especially in dark winter times.

All devices from EcoFlow and Bluetti can be connected to external battery packs. Depending on the solar generator and battery pack, the capacity can be doubled or even tripled. For example, the DELTA Max Extra battery pack can extend the device to over 6 kWh.

Bluetti devices can also be easily expanded with external battery packs. Most Bluetti battery packs are compatible with different devices and can also multiply the capacities depending on the model. The battery level is charged and discharged at the same time as the device, so that the consumption is balanced.

The smart LCD display also provides users with all the important information about the remaining charge and remaining time, so users know exactly how long the battery will remain active. Alternatively, the Home Power Solution can also be conveniently controlled via the app.

For anyone who wants to make provisions for a power failure, external batteries and mobile solar modules offer long-term security and independence from power grids and weather conditions. Mobile solar modules in combination with battery packs thus offer the ideal protection against unexpected failures over a longer period of time.

The EcoFlow Smart Generator for emergency power supply

If the portable power station, mobile solar panels and external batteries for emergency power supply are still not enough, the EcoFlow Smart Generator is a third option to ensure emergency power security and energy for the whole house.

The EcoFlow Smart Generator was created for extreme situations in which the emergency generator runs out of power and the solar charger does not supply the required energy due to external weather conditions. This is where the EcoFlow Smart Generator comes into play.

The EcoFlow Smart Generator can be perfectly integrated into the ecosystem of the DELTA Pro emergency generator. "Smart" is not just a marketing term, but an integral part of the system. Because the EcoFlow Smart Generator starts automatically as soon as the emergency generator has reached a low level. At the same time, the smart generator automatically switches off the engine as soon as the emergency generator has been fully charged.This ensures minimal consumption and an optimal power supply

Since this is a generator, the EcoFlow Smart Generator is not suitable for indoor storage. However, this does not pose a major problem, since the Smart Generator can also be conveniently monitored via the app on Android and iOS. The monitoring options are extensive: For example, it is possible to receive a CO alarm on the display and via the app, so that the highest level of emergency power security is guaranteed. Furthermore, the device switches off automatically as soon as the carbon dioxide level is too high or the oil level is too low.

The EcoFlow Smart Generator is advertised as the last barrier against the blackout. Since this is not a home power solution in the narrower sense, this solution is particularly recommended for users who would suffer major economic damage from a power failure. This includes companies as well as SMEs and the self-employed. In addition, generators are useful for people who rely on medical equipment at home.

The portable emergency power supply for on the go

Power outages can occur not only at home, but everywhere. Especially in non-European countries, the network is often less reliable than in Switzerland. But people who like to travel with a caravan will also know the feeling.

Because there is not a campsite with electricity available everywhere. Many holidaymakers value their freedom and would like to spend the night away from campsites. The caravan offers an ideal opportunity to move around freely and enjoy a little more independence - provided that the electricity supply is right.

Anyone who spends the night free with the camper usually uses the electricity from the towing vehicle. However, this can quickly become critical. If you don't use electricity sparingly, you run the risk of your car not starting the next day. Not only can this ruin the holiday, it can also be expensive if you have the caravan towed from a remote area.

A portable power station from EcoFlow or Bluetti can significantly relieve the caravan or vehicle battery, since all mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones are charged with the emergency power generator. The portable emergency power supply makes it possible that there never has to be an emergency situation when traveling. Therefore, more and more vacationers are turning to portable energy.

How much power does the emergency power supply require?

The above examples make it clear: emergency power generators from EcoFlow and Bluetti can significantly reduce the consequences of a power failure and ensure more independence in everyday life and at work.

Which home power solution should you choose? Choosing the right model depends largely on your own power requirements. According to SwissEnergy, the annual average for a person in a single or multi-family home is around 2,500 kWh or 1,500 kWh. Of course, these are only guide values ​​that can vary if, for example, the hot water is heated electrically. This value can now be broken down to the day to determine the approximate daily requirement.

If you want to determine the annual consumption even more precisely, you can consult the formula of the Bund der energieverspender in Germany to calculate the kWh consumption within a year:

kWh annual consumption = number of people in the household x 200 kWh + number of large electrical appliances x 200 kWh + living space x 9 kWh

A consumption of 200 kWh per person is charged here.Large appliances such as washing machines, televisions, PCs, etc. are individually multiplied by a value of 200 kWh. Finally, the size of the apartment also has an impact on electricity consumption, so that a flat rate of 9 kWh per square meter is calculated here. The calculated consumption is the annual average for the number of people in a household.

This can be divided by 365, just like the guide value given above, to determine the daily requirement. Based on this value, the appropriate emergency power generator can be selected in order to determine the emergency power requirement for several weeks.

To answer the initial question: EcoFlow and Bluetti are ideal for emergency power supply and protect private individuals, families, the sick, travelers and entrepreneurs from unexpected power failures.