Tragbare Power Stations und Solar Panels im Urlaub

Portable Power Stations and Solar Panels on vacation

To the solar sets

Swiss travelers have high expectations of their vacation: While luxury hotels and all-inclusive vacations remain popular, more and more Swiss people are longing for alternative vacation options to organize the long-awaited break independently and according to their own taste: to switch off, to collect new impressions and to broaden the horizon.

Regardless of whether this is a long road trip through Europe in a caravan or whether nature is to be explored on the waterways - many holidaymakers want to get away from it all for a moment during the most beautiful time of the year Disconnect from society and enjoy independence and self-sufficiency.

This is where portable solar sets from EcoFlow, Bluetti and other manufacturers come into play that specialize in portable and self-contained power solutions. This allows holidaymakers to fully immerse themselves in the new impressions without running the risk of the power ever going out.

Power Stations, solar modules or combined as practical solar sets are available in different versions, so that holidaymakers can choose the right offer based on performance, portability and cost factor, that fits your needs and your next vacation exactly.

Self-sufficient power supply for caravan / caravan power supply

Most caravan owners are familiar with the following problem: They would like to travel to the most remote and untouched landscapes possible in order to gain new experiences in the midst of nature. Caravans offer the ideal starting point for enjoying the safety and comfort of your own four walls anywhere in the world.

At least in theory. The practice usually looks different. Many campers are reluctant to use their caravan away from campsites for fear of running out of electricity. The concern is anything but unjustified: Once the battery is overloaded, the long-awaited vacation can quickly fall through.

Because campers do not have access to a reliable power supply everywhere. If you would like to stay away from campsites, have a romantic campfire in the wilderness or just want to explore the untouched nature, you cannot avoid a reliable power supply.

Caravan 12 volt power supply / Caravan power supply 230V

Caravan power supply: Most caravans have two different electrical circuits on board: 12 volt direct current and 230 volt alternating current. We all know the 230 volt alternating current from the home sockets to operate household appliances such as coffee machines, laptops, hair dryers, fan heaters, dishwashers and other devices. If you use shore power on campsites, you don't have to worry too much about the caravan power supply.

Anyone who is on the road, on the other hand, has to use the 12-volt power supply in the caravan, which is supplied by the battery of the towing vehicle. The electricity is transmitted to the caravan with the help of the plug connection. A caravan inverter converts the current from 12V to 230V.

Inverter caravan / caravan inverter

Electricity for caravans: The battery of the towing vehicle is the starting point of the 12 volt power supply. A so-called caravan inverter is required for the conversion to 230V. The 12V caravan power supply is converted to 230V on the way if no shore power is available.

And this is where it gets complicated: If you want to use more powerful devices, such as the coffee machine, independently of the Landsturm, you have to plan exactly how much electricity you can use.Otherwise there is a risk that the battery will be completely discharged

Moreover, the conversion from 12V to 230V is accompanied by a considerable loss of electricity, so that even more electricity consumption has to be added to the actual energy requirement: Anything but optimal conditions for a relaxed and carefree holiday.

Many campers can confirm that carelessness can completely drain the car battery overnight. But not only caravan drivers know the problem. The electrical system on boats must also be taken into account to ensure a smooth holiday.

Electrics on boats / sailboat power supply

In addition to the camping car, the boat trip is of course also a great alternative to enjoy your holiday. With a sailing boat, vacationers can go on their next adventure trip completely independent of location, whether in domestic or international waters.

However, the same problems await holidaymakers here as well, which also need to be considered when it comes to the caravan power supply. While the caravan power connection can quickly become a problem for camping holidaymakers, the boat power must be considered equally. The boat power supply runs on 12V like the camper power, in some cases even 24V.

How can the power supply be secured on the high seas? There are different solutions here. In the harbor the boat can be supplied with shore power. Alternatively, power generators are used. However, both solutions can pose a serious security risk under certain circumstances.

The shore power at the port is often inadequately secured, while generators produce a huge background noise and dangerous exhaust gases. Many see this form of power generation as a ticking time bomb and would like to do without this form of power generation completely if possible.

Doing without external electricity leads to further problems: Most vacationers expect a minimum level of comfort, which can only be guaranteed by a stable power supply.

Because if you only turn on the stove for a short time, you can quickly drain the entire battery if you are careless. It is therefore important to use the electricity on board very economically, which affects the quality of the holiday, especially if you are not going on holiday alone but as a family.

The question arises as to how a self-sufficient power supply for caravans / sailboats can be ensured without holidaymakers having to forego the convenience of a stable power supply. The Solar Sets from EcoFlow provide the right answer.

Which solar set should you choose for your vacation?

Which Solar Set you choose depends primarily on your own needs, the length of your vacation and the desire for self-sufficiency and independence. Different solar sets come with different voltages and can be freely selected as required.

Solar sets for maximum performance

Anyone who is as self-sufficient as possible for several weeks and wants to experience adventures away from the campsite should opt for solar sets with maximum output.

The EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 power station (EU) + 160W solar panel set provides independent electricity all year round, regardless of whether you are on holiday are traveling in a caravan or on the high seas.

The DELTA Max 2000 power station was designed for maximum power supply.The powerful power generator can be charged up to 80% in just 65 minutes. With the innovative X-Boost function, even power guzzlers such as refrigerators or dryers can be operated with a power of up to 3400W. This ensures that all household appliances are not operated via the internal battery, but independently with the mobile power generator.

For even more self-sufficiency, we recommend the EcoFlow DELTA Max 2000 power station (EU) + 400W solar panel set: Should the power generator fail , the powerful solar panels ensure that there is always enough electricity available. If you want even more power, you can even connect up to two 400W solar panels - for maximum self-sufficiency and independence in the caravan or sailboat.

Solar sets for portability and performance

Anyone who places more value on portability and can make a few compromises in performance should take a look at the DELTA series from EcoFlow.

Holidaymakers can choose between the EcoFlow DELTA Powerstation (EU) + 160W solar panel set and the EcoFlow DELTA Powerstation (EU) + 110W solar panel set. The DELTA Powerstation is a compact and at the same time powerful generator that can be stowed quickly and easily in the caravan, boat or even just in the car.

With six 1800W AC outlets and a capacity of 1260 Wh, it is easily possible to power all common devices over a long period of time. With solar panels, the Power Station can be fully recharged within just 4 hours: For more flexibility and independence, no matter what your next vacation plans are.

Solar sets for maximum portability

When holidaymakers prefer short trips in caravans or city trips in their cars, great importance is attached to portability.

The EcoFlow RIVER Pro impresses with a weight of only 7.2 kg and 720 Wh capacity, making it perfect for camping trips and adventures in the wilderness. This ensures that the basic power requirements for the most important devices, such as laptops and mobile phones, are sufficiently covered. Of course, more powerful devices can also be used here for a short time.

All power stations can of course be supplied with solar panels and are also available as a solar set. The solar generator camping is the best companion for every short trip and convinces with safe and clean electricity.

The portable RIVER solar sets at a glance:

Good reasons why vacationers choose mobile power stations

Electricity self-sufficiency

Caravan electricity self-sufficient: If you want to supply the boat or caravan with electricity, you primarily want self-sufficiency and independence in order to load the battery as little as possible. A solar panel set provides the necessary power supply to keep powerful devices running for a long time.


No matter which model you choose, the solar panel sets from EcoFlow impress with their high performance and portability. The generators can be stowed away quickly and easily in the caravan, boat or car and can also be taken outside.


If you want to go on vacation far away from civilization, you should definitely be prepared for emergencies.Portable Solar Sets enable vacationers to produce electricity independently of the domestic power supply For more safety on vacation.

Clean stream

Most consumers want to do their part to protect the environment and reduce their ecological footprint as much as possible. The EcoFlow solar panel sets ensure that consumers can independently generate electricity from solar energy all year round. For absolute performance, without polluting the environment.

Emergency generator

Even if vacationers decide to spend their vacation in a hotel, the models from EcoFlow, Bluetti or other manufacturers are suitable as emergency power generators. This means that holidaymakers are well prepared for any kind of power outage.

Low background noise

Quiet power unit for mobile homes: The power stations from EcoFlow are relatively quiet compared to other manufacturers, so that holidaymakers in the mobile home do not feel disturbed.

Conclusion: The EcoFlow solar sets secure the electrical system on boats and the electricity for caravans

Portable power stations ensure a self-sufficient power supply (caravan / boat). This relieves the boat or vehicle battery sufficiently so that holidaymakers never have to worry about the power supply again. A huge advantage that affects the holiday quality.

The cost-effective Solar Sets from EcoFlow provide the necessary remedy and increase the holiday quality, whether in the distant wilderness or in the local mountain landscape. The solar sets deliver an unbeatable holiday package for more independence, portability, security and clean electricity on every holiday.

We wish you a safe journey and even more holiday quality on your next adventure!