6 beste Solar Sets für Zuhause, die Sie 2023 kaufen können

Best solar panel kit for home

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Solar modules convert solar energy into electricity. Even if the functionality is similar, there is a lot to consider when choosing the right solar module sets: from the connection and charging options to the different usage scenarios. To help you get started, the following guide lists the best consumer solar panel kits to generate free and sustainable electricity.

Best solar module set

EcoFlow DELTA Pro (EU) + 3 X 400W solar panel

Best Budget Solar Panel Kit

EcoFlow RIVER (EU) + 160W solar panel

Best Monocrystalline Set

Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro (Explorer 2000 Pro + SolarSaga 200W)

Best Polycrystalline Set

PPS750 Portable Power Station and foldable 100W poly solar panel

Best thin film cell set

60W Portable Solar Panel Thin Film Cell System

Best solar sets for the roof

100W rigid solar panels + mounting feet

What is included in a residential solar panel kit?

A residential solar panel kit contains all the components needed for use. If you choose a system with a portable power station, no separate solar charge controllers or inverters are required - for the simplest installation within minutes.

Solar panel

Solar panels generate free, green electricity and offer independence from the power grid. Besides, the portable panels can be taken anywhere for off-grid travel and camping trips.

Note: Solar panels cannot be used with just any power station. Pay attention to the manufacturer's information about which solar panels are suitable for your power station.


The battery is the heart of every power station. With the battery it is possible to store the generated solar power for later use. Most power stations use lithium-ion batteries (NMC) for this purpose. Pay attention to the capacity of your battery to find the right model for your needs.


While the solar panel and power station are the heart of every solar module set, the additional scope of delivery consists of the necessary cabling. Nevertheless, consumers do not have to worry about laying the cables, since the scope of delivery is usually limited to a few cables. In addition to charging cables for the wall socket or the car, connection cables for the solar panels are included.

Carrying bags for solar panels

Portable power stations can be used not only at home, but also on the go. To further ensure portability, most manufacturers make sturdy transport bags for the solar panels to facilitate transport and ensure safety.

What makes a good home solar panel kit?

A good solar panel set should consist of high-quality components and support many application scenarios without overwhelming users.

High quality components

To ensure longevity and outdoor use, both the portable power station and the solar panels must be made of high-quality components. Ideally, the batteries should have a lifespan of 15-20 years. In addition, solar panels should be waterproof.

Many ports

So that you can use the solar power in the best possible way, the power station should have many connections. These include USB-A and -C, car port and AC connections, so that you can connect all your devices and charge the power station in a variety of ways.

Intuitive user experience

In contrast to conventional solar panel sets, Power Stations offer a more flexible and simpler alternative. Accordingly, the intuitive user experience, from the ecosystem to the menu navigation, is a decisive factor when choosing the right system.

Use as an emergency generator

Some sets, like the EcoFlow DELTA Pro (EU) + 3 X 400W Solar Panel Set, allow users to use the Power Station as well to be used as an emergency generator. This means that in the event of a power failure, the house is automatically supplied with power from the Power Station.

Value for money

Solar sets are generally cheaper than the individual components. When choosing the right system, the cost savings that you receive per year through the free solar energy should be taken into account in addition to the acquisition costs.

Methodology used to rank the best solar panel kits for home use

A good solar panel kit should include as many factors as possible from the previous section: high-quality components, many connections, intuitive user experience, use as a backup generator and good value for money,

In order to make the classification as fair as possible, we have divided the solar sets into budget solar modules, mono and polycrystalline, thin-film cells and solar sets for the roof, as these items have production-related quality differences.

Nevertheless, it must be pointed out that consumers must be clear about their own needs before making a choice. For example, those who want to travel flexibly need less capacity than users who want to set up an emergency generator for their CPAP machine. Different solar panel sets appeal to different target groups.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro (EU) + 3 X 400W solar panel

Best solar module set

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro (EU) + 3 X 400W solar panel set is a real power pack and supplies 99.99% of all large devices with electricity. With the smart home module, the set can be used intelligently as an emergency power generator, as it automatically switches to battery power in the event of a power failure. In addition, the system can be expanded with additional batteries and smart generators if even more energy is required. The set can be controlled conveniently and intuitively via the EcoFlow app. The solar panel set thus covers all application scenarios and important factors that consumers want.

    • Capacity: 3.6 kWh, expandable to 25 kWh
  • 6 charging methods: Reach 6500W charging by multi-charging
    • Solar panel: 3 powerful 400W solar panels
    • Emergency generator: With smart home module

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    EcoFlow RIVER (EU) + 160W solar panel

    Best budget solar panel set

    The EcoFlow RIVER series is aimed at spontaneous getaways who enjoy weekend trips and short trips outdoors. The set combines the portable EcoFlow RIVER Power Station with the powerful EcoFlow 160W solar panel, which is lighter at the same time with a leading conversion rate of 23% and is smaller than similar portable solar panels. Unbeatable price!

    Capacity: 288 Wh, expandable to 576 Wh

    Numerous charging options: Charges up to 10 devices simultaneously

    Fast charging: From 0% to 80% thanks to patented X-Stream technology

    Foldable solar panel: Ultra-portable thanks to the transport bag

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    Jackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro (Explorer 2000 Pro + SolarSaga 200W)

    Best monocrystalline set

    TheJackery Solar Generator 2000 Pro consists of the Explorer 2000 Pro and the 200W SolarSaga Panel and offers a powerful package for long-term campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Consumers can choose between one, two or even six solar panels. The Solar Generator 2000 Pro delivers a charging capacity of 2160 Wh and can be fully charged with 6 SolarSaga 200 in just 2.5 hours: a reliable power source for on the go and at home.

    Capacity: 2160Wh

    Scalable: Up to 6 solar panels

    Extended warranty: 5-year manufacturer's warranty

    Security: BMS, overheat, over voltage, short circuit and overcharge protection

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    PPS750 Portable Power Station and foldable 100W poly solar panel

    Best polycrystalline set

    Monocrystalline is still considered the gold standard among solar panels. While leading brands produce almost exclusively monocrystalline panels, consumers have to look to cheaper polycrystalline sets from lesser-known manufacturers. The PPS750 Portable Power Station and foldable 100W solar panel from South African manufacturer Rentech are ideal for home use or short trips. With the set, devices such as TVs, computers, laptops, smartphones or printers can be charged anywhere.

    Capacity: 786 Wh

    Ports: 2 USB-A, 2 DC, 2 USB-C and 2 pure sine wave AC ports

    Lifetime: Up to 1500 charging cycles

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    60W Portable Solar Panel Thin Film Cell System

    Best thin film cell set

    Anyone who wants to get a feel for solar sets for home use without making a large investment is in good hands with the 60W portable solar panel thin-film cell system. This set is the perfect entry-level model for all consumers who are still unsure about their choice.

    Waterproof solar panels: IP54 standard

    Highly portable: Foldable solar panel

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    100W rigid solar panels + mounting feet

    Best solar sets for the roof

    An Extra: While all of the solar panels featured in this article are great in terms of portability, consumers can opt for rigid models instead to get a steady power source on the balcony or even the roof of the vehicle The 100W rigid solar panels and mounting feet from EcoFlow can be mounted flexibly and offer a high level of compatibility with third-party providers. The perfect addition to your solar panel set!

    Power: 100 watts

    Conversion rate: 23%

    Durable: protective coating, tempered glass, aluminum frame

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