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As a tenant, you have a hard time with solar systems. The owner will refuse to install a solar system on the roof. In the communal garden, other tenants will complain. Of course, a solar panel cannot simply be screwed onto the house wall either.

Frustration quickly sets in, because you really want to switch to renewable energies and save electricity. But the requirements and standards, apart from the “no” from the owner, are an enormous obstacle.

But we have found the perfect solution for this, so that you as a tenant also have the opportunity to generate your electricity from the sun and thus drastically reduce your electricity bill.

This is where our balcony solar system comes into play

Solaranlage für den Balkon

This unique solution for every rental apartment makes it possible to install a professional solar system on your balcony. You don't need to ask anyone for permission. Nobody will see. You avoid unnecessary annoyance with the neighbors. In addition, it does not take up much space on the balcony.

What are balcony solar systems?

A balcony solar system, also known as a balcony power plant, plug-in system or plug-in solar system, is a mini photovoltaic system that private individuals can use to generate and consume their own solar power. Balcony solar systems consist of solar modules that are connected to the home power grid by an inverter.

Compared to a traditional photovoltaic system, which usually covers the entire roof, it is possible to use a single solar module. Balcony solar systems give consumers the opportunity to generate free, green electricity on their own balcony. This not only saves electricity costs - consumers become less dependent on the power grid and at the same time an active part of the energy transition.

How do balcony solar systems work?

The balcony solar system is connected to the house or apartment network via a standard socket. This offers special convenience, as users can plug in and use the panels directly without having to hire a specialist. Solar energy is first converted into direct current by the solar modules and then into alternating current via the inverter.

The panel of a balcony solar system has an output of around 200 to 1,000 watts. The electricity meter adjusts itself automatically and draws less electricity from the grid and the connected devices in the household prioritize the solar power. If this is not sufficient, the normal mains power is used. As long as the self-produced electricity is consumed, this affects the electricity meter, which in the best case scenario stands completely still or at least slows down.

Important: Balcony solar systems only produce electricity when the solar modules are connected to the grid. This sometimes prevents the sockets from delivering no power when the fuse is switched off. Conversely, this means that traditional balcony solar systems cannot be used as an emergency power generator and also do not allow households to become self-sufficient.

Which balcony solar system suits my needs?

A balcony solar system can consist of several solar panels, with most systems not exceeding 4 panels. The power of the system is given in watt peak (Wp). Depending on the region, 600 watt modules can produce around 650 kilowatt hours per year.

This is already quite a lot. A 4-person household in Switzerland that pays a lot of attention to energy consumption can get by with just 2000 kWh per year.If, on the other hand, the family is more generous with the electricity consumption, the consumption can increase to up to 8000 kWh. Accordingly, one module can already cover a large part of the electricity requirement. Of course, the prerequisite is a place with sufficient sunshine.

Energy-optimized households with a balcony can effectively save costs with the help of a powerful balcony power plant and at the same time make a valuable contribution to the energy transition.

Amortization of the balcony solar systems

Amortization describes the period in which the costs of the investment are recovered. If we assume that a balcony solar system corresponds to around 90 kilowatt hours per 100 Wp and a photovoltaic system with 600 Wp produces around 540 kilowatt hours, the savings at the current price of 21.2 Rp./kWh are around CHF 115 per year.

Depending on the acquisition costs, the amortization is several years and can even take up to 7 years depending on the model. It is therefore particularly worthwhile supplying continuous power consumers such as refrigerators or freezers with solar energy.

Does Swiss tenancy law allow balcony solar systems?

In Switzerland, balcony solar systems with a maximum output of 600 watts are permitted. A system can thus produce up to 600 kilowatt hours per year. This power limit was chosen to avoid overloading the final circuit.

According to Swiss tenancy law, the rental property ends within the balcony parapet. This means that the solar panels may be placed within this limit, even without the consent of the landlord. The situation is different, however, if it is a fixed installation or if the solar panels are installed outside the parapet. In this case, the consent of the landlord is required. The installation in your own garden does not require the landlord's consent.

Advantages and disadvantages of balcony solar systems


  • Environmentally friendly, green solar power
  • Also suitable for rented apartments
  • Flexible, easy assembly
  • Small footprint
  • Saving electricity costs


  • Full power only with sufficient brightness
  • Separate storage required for anti-cyclic use
  • Relatively low performance
  • Dependence on the electricity network
  • Cannot be used as an emergency generator
  • Long payback period (up to 7 years)

Solar island systems: The best alternative to balcony solar systems

Self-sufficiency, flexibility and emergency power generator

Traditional balcony solar systems require a stable power supply from the mains to function. While this allows consumers to save money and generate green electricity, it is not suitable for use anywhere, nor can it be used as an emergency generator.

This is where solar island systems come into play. These are mobile solar systems that consist of portable solar modules and powerful batteries in which electricity is stored. These so-called power stations have a large number of connections, so that almost all household appliances can be connected. This means that mobile solar systems can be used anywhere and for many different purposes.

First of all, free, green solar power can be produced.Due to the high portability, the systems are also perfect for camping trips. In addition, the power stations can also be used optimally as an emergency power generator in the event of power failures. This is especially important for people who rely on CPAP or other vital equipment.

The best providers of off-grid solar systems

In recent years, a large number of companies have established themselves that specialize in innovative solar island systems. The global market leaders include Ecoflow and Bluetti.

Depending on the model, the weight of the systems can range from 3 kg to 50 kg (without solar modules), so that the electricity can be produced not only at home but also on the go. The solar off-grid systems offer a range of different connections: sockets, USB-A, Type-C right through to the socket for the cigarette lighter, everything is there so that the solar off-grid systems are compatible with almost all household appliances.

In addition, the solar island systems from Ecoflow and Bluetti are scalable. Depending on the model, users can decide how many solar panels they want to connect. In addition, other battery packs and generators can be connected so that consumers can always upgrade.

The best solution for tenants with a balcony

As you can see, buying a balcony solar panel is the perfect solution when you live in a rented apartment and the landlord is reluctant to install a solar panel on the roof or in common areas.

With our power stations and solar systems, you now have the easiest way to generate your own electricity from the sun and drastically reduce your electricity bill.

Have a look at our complete sets for households.

And if you have any questions, we are always available for you via email, chat and telephone.