Delta Pro (EU) + 400W foldable solar panel + Solar Tracker
Delta Pro (EU) + 400W foldable solar panel + Solar Tracker

EcoFlow Delta Pro (EU) + 400W foldable solar panel + Solar Tracker

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A solar power plant for the ideal absorption of solar energy

The EcoFlow Power Station

Portable battery for home

The DELTA Pro offers a capacity of 3.6 kWh, which can be expanded up to 25 kWh. You can connect them directly to your power grid at home via the Smart Home Panel. Ideal emergency power supply for your home.

Care for practically everything

The DELTA Pro sets the tone in the industry when it comes to AC performance. With 3600W you can power energy-intensive devices such as dryers, AC appliances and more. Need more power? Combine two units together to achieve an enormous 720W with the Smart Home Panel.

An extensible system

The DELTA Pro is more than just a portable power station. It can be expanded with additional batteries, smart generators and even with the smart home panel. It can be fully controlled via DELTA Pro Remote Control or a cell phone with the EcoFlow app.

The EcoFlow solar panel

High efficiency solar panels

This one-piece, foldable 400W solar panel is perfect for home, camping and off-grid living. With a high solar output and an improved efficiency of 23%, you can charge your portable power station even faster than before.

Weather resistant

Each monocrystalline silicon cell is covered with an ETFE film that protects it from dirt, grime and water. With an IP68 waterproof rating, this portable solar panel works safely in any weather and is perfect for camping and rooftop use.

Solar Tracker

Autonomous solar tracker

Our Solar tracker automatically tracks the position of the sun. You no longer have to intervene 3 times a day, 7 days a week to harvest your own energy. If you tend towards self-consumption, the EcoFlow monitoring system is indispensable. It supports from morning to night to provide you with the greatest possible energy.

Capture every single photon

You get up to 30% more power with the EcoFlow Solar tracker. Unlike traditional solutions that lay the photovoltaic panels flat, our tracker improves the performance of your solar panels throughout the day. The goal? More green energy for you!

A robust, stable and durable solar tracker

The EcoFlow Solar Tracker is equipped with four extendable legs and can be fixed anywhere to ensure a safe and solid installation. The fastening hooks can be adjusted and adapted to your plate model both indoors and outdoors. On the roof of your house, your mobile home - at the foot of your tent or even in the middle of the forest during a nature weekend; our solution is constantly adapting.